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Di jual murah komputer untuk para gamers . Monitor 17 flat samsung Processor:AMD 64 ATHLON X2 5000,Motherboard : ABIT AN-52S,Memory: KINGSTONE 1 GB DDR II 667 - 5300,VGA: ASUS 8500 GT,OPTIK: LG 16 XHARDISK: SEAGATE 120 GB, MONITOR : 17 FLAT SAMSUNG,CASHING: SIMBADA SIM C 2773,SPEAKER:GENIUS SP-110 DI JUAL DGN HARGA : Rp. 3.300.000 (Nego) ada 10 unit BAGI YANG BERMINAT HUBUNGI KE NO : 022-92465853

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Pottery Is Making A Comeback
by Freddy Roy

It would seem that lately, all things old within the realm of arts and crafts have suddenly been made new. The same holds true for pottery and it really doesn't get much older when one considers some of the popular crafts of today, perhaps textiles but that's another story all together.

At any rate, pottery making has seemed to enjoy a sudden rebirth of popularity and this is really a great thing. Not only is this a great way for young and old alike to find common ground it is also a way of producing something that is useful in the end. Many hobbies are merely decorative or entertaining. There are few exceptions to this such as knitting and pottery making, which create things that are useful in their own right rather than merely nice to look at or sit upon a shelf.

For younger adults, teens, and children pottery making provides a creative outlet and keeps minds and hands busy on positive things rather than dwelling on negative or painfully idle. It is a great idea to keep kids busy and a hobby such as pottery making does just that. It takes an investment in time to create beautiful pottery by working the clay. There is also time involved in the glazing process. There is also a very real sense of excitement that takes place when waiting to see what the finished product looks like once it has been properly fired. It's a fun hobby that is always new, different, and exciting.

If you have never tried pottery before, I strongly urge you to go out and buy one of the cheap little pottery making kits you can find in local stores. While there are bigger and better things you can work up to when it comes to pottery these make a good solid beginning and allow you to get your feet wet without going in over your head in the sometimes muddy clay filled water of the pottery world. These projects are generally quite simple and give you a decent feel for what it's like working with clay. It is important to realize that this is not a hobby for everyone but most people either love it or hate it. There are very few with mediocre reviews.

Once you have a feel for pottery so to speak and have decided to move on then you might really want to consider checking around for community courses that are offered in pottery. These are often less expensive than art schools or college courses in pottery and often provide excellent instruction and time on the wheel, if the potter's wheel is something you are hoping to work with. Not all potters enjoy wheel work though this is something you must decide for yourself. Hand building is where most potters begin and a good foundation in the skills that are ultimately needed when working on the wheel.

If you are enjoying the current rebirth of all things craft, then you should really become a true Renaissance man or woman and try your hand at pottery to add to your collection of useful skills in the modern world. It's not likely that you can go wrong in this adventure. You just might find that this is an exceptionally fun skill in which to invest your time, talent, and energies.

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Tips to Buy a Good Laptop Computer

Executive summary By : Himanshu Shekhar Jha

Laptop is increasingly becoming an object of necessity. Processor

difficult to upgrade your processor so try to buy a powerful dual core processor. Operating System.

Selection of an operating system for your laptop should be based on your requirements. Your laptop may come with pre-installed operating system but they can be re-installed if you want to change your operating system.


In case of dual core processor please do not consider memory below 1GB.

Hard drive

Some new laptops are soldered with solid-sate hard-drive these days. A hard drive of minimum 80 GB space capacity may be considered to buy.

Graphics Card

Laptops graphics card are used to generate and output images to the LCD display. You may consider a mid range graphics card with a minimum 128 MB memory card capacity.


There should be at least 3 USB ports in a laptop. You may select a pc card slot or express card slot for the purpose.

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Paretologic Maker of RegCure Has a Five in One Offer

Executive summary By : Myles H Patterson


Simply put, prior to the millennium PC computers and the software that would drive computers all were downloaded via CD Rom or 3.5 inch floppies for the bulk of program. Today with all the mp3, video downloads, online shopping, online banking, etc, it is important to keep your registry clean and protected, because all of this information flows through your registry, and into your computer, and when you delete say an mp3 from your computer a portion of that download remains in you registry. When I was running Vista it was like the whole O.S. System base was keyed around the registry and if you didn't run a registry scan once a week you would really notice leg time on boot up and running programs. So if you are looking for a registry cleaner for your computer RegCure is my recommendation. RegCure is Microsoft certified, and has won awards as the best in it class from computer magazines, software developers, and internet forums, and has remained in the top five for three years running.


DriverCure is software that will scan your computer and look for drivers within your computer that need to be updated so your computer will keep running at optimum speed and efficiency during its life cycle in your home or office. Also from the first time it scans, the software knows your computer type and all drivers associated with your computer. Privacy Control & Data Recovery Software:
The above two software packages offer greater privacy controls and data recovery feature above and beyond what Microsoft's offers with XP and Vista. XoftSpySE:

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Computer Memory Upgrade

Executive summary By : Matthew Richard Kerridge

The time has finally come and you have decided to get a memory upgrade for your computer. A computer memory upgrade is very easy for everyone. The first step in a memory upgrade is to determine what memory you have on your computer and what memory you are going to purchase. The first way to determine what type of memory you have in your computer is to ask the computer itself. It will scan your system and tell you what memory you have and exactly what memory to order.

The third way to determine what type of memory upgrades you need is to turn off the computer, unplug everything, open the tower and actually look at the memory module. If you do this you will see that the memory modules have one or two memory sticks in them. You just have to wait for the new memory to arrive. Push the bar gently away from the memory stick. Take the new memory sticks and put them into the slots where you just removed the old memory. Push the bars back into position, locking the memory into location. Close the tower, plug the computer in and reboot your system.

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Top 5 Green IT Companies

Executive summary By: Darwin Redshield

Green is the new pink. Go Green. The lean-green-carbon-fighting-machine. I'd like to point out some of these eco-friendly 'do-gooders' in the IT sector: information technology and computer hardware companies across the country that are helping to alleviate our global climate crisis.

  1. Cisco Systems - Cisco is truly investing in the future by helping implement 'smart grid' technology across the country. The company's first foray into smart grids was with Energy Smart Miami, an initiative that will create an efficient electricity grid for the southern Florida metropolis.
  2. IBM - IBM recently announced a partnership with Syracuse University to build a data center that uses 50% less energy than the standard. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a new metric for Data Center energy usage that is being pushed by companies like IBM and Intel.
  3. The company abides by strict global guidelines to offer people ways to dispose of their used networking hardware.
  4. Juniper Networks- Juniper Networks, a leading provider of router and switch products, recently teamed up with IBM on a new energy efficient data center in Boulder, CO. The center features cutting edge IT hardware, including virtualization computing systems and energy efficient power and cooling solutions.
  5. Sun Microsystems- Sun Microsystems began the practice of openly posting their energy usage statistics for consumers to view. Transparency is something that not only keeps a company in check, but lets consumers compare and rate a company's energy efficiency.

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Sony's Big E3 Announcements For 2009

Executive summary By: Mac Jones

Perhaps the most persistent rumour was that of a PlayStation 3 price cut and a new PSP handheld gaming device. Sony unveiled a new PSP handheld console called the PSP Go. This new sliding screen allows the device to be a claimed 50% smaller and around 40% lighter than the original PSP. Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication technologies also feature. The second big announcement from Sony was a motion controller for the PS3 games console. The control system works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye motion-sensing webcam which tracks the motion of the player around the room. Other news surrounded new and upcoming games. Some notable highlights were a live demo run of Uncharted 2, a live demo of the war game M.A.G showing a staggering 256 live network players playing in real time through the internet. A new game from the Metal Gear Solid stable called Peace Walker was also announced, along with a little trailer to accompany it.



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